Parent Guidelines

Please click below for understood Parent Values when your son plays for North Forsyth Football.

Parent Guidelines

  1. Please help guide your child in proper nutrition and hydration as his safety is impacted by how he manages these things.

  2. Please use the following guidelines to assist in promoting a positive image of the program and the school:

    1. If you have a problem with a coach, set up a meeting and deal with him privately. Do not approach the coach with a problem immediately after a game or practice. Please make an appointment.

    2. Disagreements will occur. Sometimes after meeting and addressing concerns disagreements will remain. We pledge to make decisions with the best interest of the team and school in mind, not individual players.

    3. We should all have the goal of providing the best experience possible for our players. Destructive remarks and showing bitterness does not aid in this process. Please go about your business in a way that promotes a positive image of the team

  3. During the games the sideline area is for players and coaches only.

  4. Please do not try to have a conversation with your son during the game, although remarks of encouragement are welcome.

  5. Please do not enter the playing field. If your son is injured, allow the coaches or medical staff to address the injury. If needed, we will call you on the field.

  6. The coaches will not discuss lineups or roles with parents unless it is concerning your son.

  7. The coaches are not interested in listening to gossip or negative remarks concerning other people, players, etc.​